Alma conducted an Impact Review of SIMs (short for “Simulations”) for ELS. SIMs, interactive modules covering challenging scenarios commonly faced by school leaders, allows participants to develop judgment skills by making choices at key decision points to experience outcomes in a hypothetical situation. Alma’s Impact Review was designed to provide a structured approach for capturing insights on the efficacy of the SIMs. Alma developed the interview protocols and analyzed data resulting from a series of individual interviews with administrators and a web survey of administrators, trainers and trainees.  The Alma team also incorporated into its analysis state and district performance standards for each study participant group along with research on best practices in school leadership development.  This additional information allowed Alma to calibrate its findings with the interview data, facilitating a deeper understanding of the SIMs’ effectiveness. The first-of-its-kind for SIMs, Alma’s Impact Review provided ELS new insights on how users at the state and district levels deployed the SIMs and ensured alignment with their respective standards to improve the preparation of school leaders.  This research project also shed light on key considerations for developing protocols to monitor how states and districts leverage cutting edge tools to enhance their leadership pipelines.