Members of the Alma team have served as trusted thought partners for Gwinnett County Public Schools for two years through the review, continued improvement and planned sustainability of Gwinnett’s principal pipeline initiative. This past year, the Alma team was honored to support the district in two capacities. With the Office of Leadership Development, the Alma team worked to support the district as a third-party reviewer for the newly designed screening process for the district’s Aspiring Leader Program (ALP) and Aspiring Principal Program (APP). As third-party application reviewers, the Alma team reviewed candidate applications and provided unbiased and evidence-based scores to help inform the district’s final selection decisions.

The Alma team also had the privilege to partner with the Office of Human Resources to improve and streamline leader screening processes for external applicants. The goal of this effort was to assess the current state of external screening and hiring by engaging with a diverse group of district leaders to help inform both strengths and opportunities to refine the process and strengthen the experience for external leaders. As a result of this work, HR received a specific set of findings and actionable recommendations to inform future refinements.