We are honored to support school systems through the recruitment, screening and hiring of executive level roles. At Alma, we first focus on clarifying the competencies most important to successfully serve as a member of the leadership team and work in partnership with our clients to seek out a strong pool of potential talent. We carry out our work in a way that builds internal capacity in the organization, so that staff may replicate the search process without us in the future.

Take a look at our active searches below: 


Active Searches

Chief Financial Officer, Chicago Public Schools (Illinois)

Partner, Public School Allies (National)

Chief of Staff, Public School Allies (National)

Recent Searches (Closed)

Chief Officer, Diverse Learner Supports & Services, Chicago Public Schools (Illinois)

Deputy Director, Recruitment and Selection, The Broad Academy (California)

Associate Director, The Broad Academy (California)

Chief Financial Officer, Baltimore City Schools (Maryland)

Chief Performance Officer, Guilford County Schools (North Carolina)

Chief Operating Officer, Civic Builders (New York)

Executive Director of Special Education, Baltimore City Schools (Maryland) 

Chief Academics Officer, Guilford County Schools (North Carolina) 

Chief Innovation Officer, Guilford County Schools (North Carolina) 

Assistant Superintendent of Exceptional Children (North Carolina) 

Head of School, The Ancona School (Illinois)