AN introduction to our thinking

All layers of the organization are equally valuable. In fact, the bottom-layer is closer to the truth than any other layer. The leadership drives the vision, but the front-line knows the opportunities and barriers to getting there.

We don't have to generate ideas. Our strength comes from listening thoughtfully, naming the end goal (it's not always clear), setting the path to that end goal, then helping our clients get the resources and team in place to build it and sustain it.

We are always learning. Learning about how change works, learning about how to lead and influence others, and learning about the keys to solving long-standing issues. 

Change requires multiple iterations and adaptations before it becomes part of the organization's fabric. Change requires a leader who has the platform, the will, the persistence and the time to see the organization through those iterations. The leader must also engage in ongoing reflection and adapt the work to make it better over time, and embed it in the organization.