Sandra has spent over 15 years using analytics to help organizations improve talent management. She spent 6 years at the NYC Department of Education, where she formed and led the Talent Analytics group, which provided senior leadership with the analysis needed to reform the school system’s human capital policies and created data tools and reports for school leaders. The teams' work included: leading DOE’s efforts to provide ‘value added’ performance information to over 12,000 teachers, developing systems to improve the tenure process for teachers and principals, and creating data dashboards to help school leaders easily understand human capital trends. As part of this work, Sandra’s team developed and provided training to teachers, principals and district staff on how to use data in decision making.

Outside of the DOE, Sandra has led work in HR and education both in the US and abroad.  She spent the last two years running Human Resources, Training and Development for Doctors Without Borders’ medical missions in Africa. There, she developed training plans for over 250 staff based on needs analysis and implemented a new compensation system. She also worked with the Armenian Government’s Quality Assurance Agency to develop and pilot teacher quality training programs designed to improve instruction techniques in Armenian universities.

Previously, Sandra worked as an education consultant, helping school districts improve human resource management, and as a management consultant with the Boston Consulting Group.  Earlier in her career, Sandra served a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ukraine, where she taught university level Economics and high school Business English. She holds a BA in Economics and a MBA from the University of Chicago.