Steve is an educator who has worked for over 30 years in both urban and suburban districts as a teacher, coach, assistant principal, principal, district administrator, and Deputy Superintendent. In Kansas City, Kansas, Steve led the district reform effort, First Things First, resulting in dramatic increases in student achievement. These system wide gains were cited by the Gates Foundation as, "one of the most significant reforms in urban education today;" reading proficiency increased from 31% to 57%, math proficiency increased from 21% to 56%, and graduation rates increased from 52% to 82%.

Beyond these ‘traditional roles’ he also co-created and was principal/director of an alternative school for ‘at-risk’ adjudicated adolescents. In 2008, Steve began consulting, coaching school and district leaders across the country. His work focused on structuring and implementing systems at the school and district level that drive positive student outcomes. As a senior consultant supporting Chicago's High School Transformation efforts, Steve worked directly with the high school principal supervisors and was instrumental in the implementation of the nationally recognized Freshman on Track strategy which has been credited with increasing the graduation rate and driving an increase in ACT scores. Steve's consulting role in Chicago expanded to include leadership development and coaching for the regional principal supervisors.In July of 2011, Steve accepted the role of Chief Leadership Development Officer for Chicago Public Schools and spearheaded the implementation of the district's strategy for principal recruitment, development, evaluation, and recognition.