I bring over 20 years of experience in the field of education, with a focus on equity and excellence. My work has included district level reform efforts, community engagement, talent recruitment, selection and development, organizational development, non-profit management, program design and evaluation, and project management.

The earlier part of my career I spent working in non-profit educational organizations, developing and leading college preparation programming for high school students from underserved communities. I then went on to work with the NYC Department of Education (DOE). I initially joined as a consultant to support a massive education reform effort launched by the mayor and chancellor to improve NYC schools. I was first involved in high school reform efforts, working with a team of school leaders to phase out larger failing campus high schools and replace them with a more successful model of new small specialized high schools. I then became involved in the DOE’s community engagement strategy – working across the city to build support for the reform efforts and district restructuring, and supporting the launch of a new parent and community engagement structure. I took on a full-time role, and working closely with the Superintendent, I led the creation of a new parent engagement office in a region serving 139 schools. I then moved to serve as a Director in the Central Office working with the parent and community engagement teams across the city to implement engagement initiatives set out by the Chancellor. I led various citywide parent and community engagement programs, helped train school leaders in engagement strategies, led a citywide professional development initiative, and managed the screening, hiring process, and placement of community/parent engagement staff throughout the city.

After leaving the NYC DOE, I continued work in education, but also spent time on an independent project with my husband to bring a product to market - from idea inception, to patent, to launch. I vetted and built a project team and helped successfully negotiate a licensing contract with a top sporting goods company to get the product into retail. I continued my work in education primarily in a consulting capacity, supporting non-profit educational organizations, working on talent searches for educational leadership roles, and supporting other district level reform efforts, including supporting the redesign of the human resource department and talent management systems for Newark Public Schools and Syracuse City School District. Finding and placing top talent to do the important work of education reform and equity continues to be a passion for me, and I continue to be involved in numerous recruitment efforts, sourcing and matching the best leadership talent with various non-profit educational organizations, charter management organizations, and school districts.

I did my undergraduate work at Wesleyan University, completed the Education Policy Fellowship Program at Columbia University, Teacher’s College, and hold a MBA from the Zicklin School of Business in NYC. I live in NYC with my husband and three children.